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Conference: What can we learn about education from Finland?

September 28th 2016
Zagreb school of Economics and Management
Jordanovac 110, Antun Bauer hall
Moderators: Marcela Bratović i Boris Rašeta (24 sata)

Free entrance | Translation English-Croatian will be provided.

education, education

Finland conducted its first curricular reform four decades ago and is soon moving to a new, radical reform of pre-school and compulsory primary education.

Although the conducted reform had already given results and hardly anyone can compete with the knowledge and skills of Finnish 15-year-olds, Finland is going further, wanting even more radical changes in education and unburdening of the students, not in terms of eliminating the classic subjects, but their intertwining and connectivity. Therefore, the main emphasis is on teaching the selected topics and phenomena, encouraging curiosity, perseverance and communication skills.

Curricular reform was much desired in Croatia, but has turned into another point of separation and division even from the early draft. After the dissolution of the expert group led by Boris Jokić, Minister of the technical Government Predrag Šustar announced the continuation of work on the reform from the fall and again under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. This is an excellent occasion for Croatia to host the leaders of curriculum reform in Finland in order to come up with an answer for which of the Finnish knowledge and experience can be applied when it comes to educational reform in Croatia.


11:00- 11:10
Welcome speeches and opening ceremony

  • Đuro Njavro, dean of Zagreb school of Economics and Management
  • H.E. g. Timo Rajakangas, Ambassador of Finland

11:10 – 11:45
Opening lecture – „Curricular reform in Finland – experiences and results“

  • Marjaana Manninen, Education Advisor to the National Committee for Education of the Republic of Finland

11:45 – 12:45
Panel 1 -  „School of the future – less is more“ 

panel dedicated to reform of elementary and high school education and lifelong learnin

  • Participants: Marjaana Manninen, Olivera Jurković-Majić (ZŠEM), Željko Bošnjak, prof, reviewer of PISA tests, doc. dr. sc. Mirko Ruščić, (PMF Osijek), Marcela Bratović, journalist of 24 sata

12:50 – Coffee break

13:15 – 14:14
Panel 2 - „The education system and the development of entrepreneurial competencies“

panel dedicated to comparison of Finnish and Croatian approach to entrepreneurship

  • Participants: mr. sc. Sanja Arambašić, (prof. consultant), Boris Trupčević (manager of Styria International for Croatia ), Ankica Mamić (owner of IMC agency), Lasse Leponiemi (HundrED Finland), Nenad Bakić (investor and entrepreneur) and moderator – Boris Rašeta (journalist of 24 sata)

14:15 – 14:45
Questions, conclusions and closing statements from the organizers


Zagreb School of Economics and Management
IMC Agencija
Embassy of Finland Zagreb

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